About Us


Bohemianism involves a spectrum of musical, artistic, literary, and/or spiritual pursuits. We bohemians bring the style, creativity, whimsical wisdom, free-spirited loving nature and soul craving music to the world. Without us the world would be a bore, and far less compassionate. In retrospect, most bohemian lifestyles are considered to be against social norms. In mention of social norms, have you noticed how bias they are? Most social norms are nothing more than man-made influences created to support some but not all. These social "norms" seems to have a negative impact on freedom of thought which in return suppresses the desire to connect the mind, body, and soul. The motion needed to gain knowledge of self (K.O.S). To the best of my knowledge no other group of people embodies the essence of the bohemian like us of african descent. I believe black bohemianism is an overlooked characteristic in the black community. I like many others exist and I'm in search of my tribe.
I happen to be one who always has been spiritually inquisitive and aware of my surroundings. My goal is to provide my community and others alike with an assortment of essential tools needed to maintain the balance of mind, body, and, soul. A few items I sell are handmade by myself such as sulfate-free soaps, natural shea/mango butter body creams, soy candles, and an assortment of handmade jewelry. Among those things I also sell items like incense, tapestries, gemstones, dreams catchers and smudge sticks. I've noticed the philosophy of K.O.S has been spreading wildly in our communities and I believe it has increased the value of self and has encouraged us to have value in one another.